Beyond the Four Walls
of Your Home

Greenery and natural sunlight have their own roles to play here, that's why majority of space is saved for just that.
Take a break from the busy city life and surround yourself with relaxation and health. The vibrant greens of the garden at the heart of the project has been landscaped to provide daily relaxation.
Feel the fresh air. And be surrounded by lush trees.

  • Full-size basketball court.
  • Tennis court.
  • Multiple children play areas.
  • Multiple fitness zones.
  • Landscaped party lawn that can accommodate 300-400 pax.
  • Multiple seating zones amidst lush greenery, for relaxation and social life.
  • Cricket practice nets.
  • Landscaped gazebo with seating.
  • Walking / jogging track.
  • Fitness zones.
  • Central seating plaza with specimen plants.

Seamless Private and Public Spaces

THE CLASSE is being built keeping multiple tastes and views in mind. The seamless private and public spaces are designed to enhance the social experience of being part of a close-knit community. The flow of space, nature, design and innovation in construction has allowed us to provide aesthetic yet functional spaces with subtle variations that exemplify their specific location within the property.

Is a Quality of Its Own

There are a variety of seating spaces all around the property. Some are covered, some are under the trees, some are in the open. They are thoughtfully planned to indulge residents of different age-groups and to provide a perfect backdrop for etching memorable moments.

It's About Winning!
and Having Fun

A full basketball court, cricket practice nets and a tennis court for sports lovers who believe in giving their best, even at an informal level. Great talent may be unearthed here, who knows?

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